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Lamprell constructs second Caspian Sea jack-up

21st October 2014

Lamprell has completed construction of the second Caspian Sea jack-up drilling rig, the Mercury

Lamprell constructs second Caspian Sea jack-up
Lamprell hasn't said for whom the rig has been constructed

Delivery of this rig will take place in the coming month and the rig is then expected to commence operations on its first contract elsewhere in the Caspian Sea alongside its sister vessel, the Neptune rig, which was delivered in November 2013.

A number of key operational improvements, learnt from this first rig project, were successfully implemented onto the Mercury project, allowing Lamprell to complete as planned.

"I am delighted to report that we have completed the second drilling rig for use in the Caspian Sea, not only because of the significant beneficial impact on this year's results but also because of the exemplary safety record on a highly complex project in a remote location,” said Jim Moffat, CEO of Lamprell.

“As a result of the close teamwork between the Lamprell and client teams, the project achieved nearly four million man hours without a day away from work which is a world class achievement.  Our strong operational performance both in the UAE and Astrakhan allowed us to take advantage of the milder recent weather and complete construction activities on the rig ahead of schedule.

“We would like to thank the client for entrusting us with this important project and we hope to work with them again in the future."

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