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Enstoa Expands Presence in China with Sinopec Engineering Group Partnership

27th September 2018

Enstoa, Inc., the leading systems integrator for capital projects worldwide, today announced its collaboration with the Sinopec Engineering Group (SEG) to formulate an International Project Management Manual.

The manual, which will be used to train 200 senior executives and 400 executive staff, establishes a total quality standard for delivering petrochemical and construction projects along the Belt and Road Initiative.

“The International Project Management Manual is a critical step in transforming the way in which SEG delivers capital projects,” said Enstoa CEO Jordan Cram. “This comprehensive framework includes mature, advanced management practices that will be applied using appropriate technology platforms to help ensure profitable and risk free delivery of capital intensive projects around the world.”

SEG has played a leading role in the global energy engineering industry for decades, implementing over 100 projects internationally. The inclusion of new territories and new staff has led to the demand for a consistent and comprehensive approach to project management, embodied in the manual.

“To achieve the vision of SEG as a world-class EPCC company, we are working with Enstoa to enhance the company's domestic and international project management capabilities through the implementation of an International Project Management Manual,” said SEG Vice President Qi Guosheng.

Focused on standardization, normalization, and execution of project management capabilities,the manual will be used on all future company-wide engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning (EPCC) projects both inside China and overseas. Its implementation is part of SEG’s strategy to fully engage the opportunities created by the Belt and Road Initiative.

The partnership is part of Enstoa’s commitment to further expand its presence in China, a move the firm believes is especially critical with the country’s Belt and Road Initiative. Enstoa will create an International Project Management Training Center and Digital Lab to open later this year to support visionary companies seeking to grow both domestically and internationally.

Enstoa, founded in 2007 on a vision of taking an evidence-based approach to capital projects, is one of the fastest-growing private companies in the world and the only global professional services firm specializing in capital projects improvement. 

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