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Standardising specifications: a new approach

09th July 2018

By Timur Tadjiev, Senior Materials and Welding Engineer at Wood



In any large project in the oil and gas industry, the preparatory work that goes on at infrastructure design stage can often become a significant resource sink. The specifying of components, be it pipelines, flanges, valves or other ancillary equipment, can drag on in an iterative and often inefficient process that distorts initial cost and revenue projections.


As the sector continues its efforts to reduce costs and improve efficiency while maintaining the necessary high infrastructure and operations standards, traditional methodologies may no longer be in the best interests of operators and asset owners. This is especially true for smaller or newer market participants who themselves do not match a traditional industry profile.


Streamlining and optimising this engineering design supply chain has proved to be an area in which efficiencies can be made to the benefit of the overall project.