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Global coverage of exploration and production, field development, shale, fracking and other upstream sector developments

Latest Upstream News:

Optime Subsea Services, multiCompletionSystem (mCS)
A group of ex-FMC employees have teamed up with subsea installation player DeepOcean to found Optime Subsea Services, whose multiCompletionSystem (mCS) can provide up to 80 per cent time and cost savings on subsea tree installations compared to traditional solutions. - 27th May 2015
Vessel-based well decommissioning from OIS is a cost-effective solution to suspended well P&A
Offshore Installation Services (OIS) has been awarded a contract to decommission multiple wells in the North Sea by Centrica Energy. - 27th May 2015
Ziebel completes largest ever oil & gas data transfer - 21st May 2015
18th May 2015

The North Sea oil and gas industry has been urged to buck the trend and prepare for growth in the near future.
14th May 2015

Tampen survey extends Horda program to 35,000 km2 of total coverage
14th May 2015

Leading marine instrumentation manufacturer, Valeport, has introduced a new state-of- the-art pressure sensor to its range.