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Zoltav brings the Western Gas Plant to full capacity at the Bortovoy Licence

29th October 2014

Zoltav has announced that as a result of the hooking-up of the newly-drilled Karpenskoye Well 100 the Western Gas Plant is now operating at full capacity

As previously reported, Zoltav's main priority since the acquisition of the Bortovoy Licence in June 2014 has been to bring the Western Gas Plant to its full average daily production capacity of 48.4 million cubic feet of gas per day (mmcf/d).

"I am delighted to report that Zoltav has achieved a key deliverable by bringing the Western Gas Plant to full capacity ahead of our original schedule,” said Symon Drake-Brockman, Zoltav executive chairman.

“The company has grown through acquisitions, and it is now demonstrating the strong operational capability which it has brought to the assets acquired through those transactions. This ability to add value through technical evaluation in combination with high quality operational execution is very much the Zoltav trade mark and reflects the way we intend to continue to create value for shareholders."

Karpenskoye Well 100 was tested at a rate of 7.8 mmcf/d and 67 bbl/d of condensate. It is currently producing at a constrained rate of 5.9 mmcf/d and 42 bbls/d of condensate on a 10mm choke which is limited by the capacity of the Western Gas Plant. This is significantly greater than pre-drill estimates and as a result the Western Gas Plant is operating at full capacity of 48.4 mmcf/d ahead of the previously announced plan to reach full capacity during 1Q 2015.

After further study of the drilling data the company will decide whether to undertake an acid stimulation to further increase the production capacity of the well in order to provide contingent production capacity.

As previously announced, Zhdanovskoye Well 30 is scheduled to be hooked in to existing facilities ahead of schedule in November. It is expected that this well will contribute a further 0.5 mmcf/d and 59.4 bbls/d of oil to Zoltav's production.

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