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Wireless Seismic announces purchase of RT System 2 by Yug-Neftegaz

09th November 2015

Wireless Seismic has announced the sale and delivery of its RT System 2 seismic data acquisition system to the Singapore-based oilfield services holding company, Yug-Neftegaz Private Limited (YNG), for seismic acquisition projects in Turkmenistan. YNG, who provides services to oil companies worldwide, has signed a multi-year contract to conduct seismic surveys in the region.

According to Yug-Neftegaz, this 3D project has a great degree of difficulty that requires a highly professional staff and the appropriate equipment and technology in order to work most efficiently.  Yug-Neftegaz ran their own rigorous testing of RT System 2 in similar working environments as Turkmenistan, and they were very impressed by the system’s overall performance.

For a complete understanding of RT System 2 operations in the field, YNG staff visited a seismic acquisition project using RT System 2 in the U.S.A.  YNG concluded that the RT System 2 technology is ultra-modern and is the system their customers would want to use for their projects.  “This technology allows you to design the most effective and efficient surveys, which is advantageous over our competitors,” said Yug-Neftegaz Operational Manager, Vadim Krizhanovsky.

“We are delighted that YNG has chosen to deploy RT System 2 for their projects in Turkmenistan,” said Mick Lambert, Wireless Seismic President and CEO.  “Companies around the world are continuing to recognize the cost-reducing benefits and efficiencies of using RT System 2 in their seismic acquisition projects, as well as its flexibility in tackling a variety of environmental issues.”


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