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TITAN Containers: the critical logistics link in oil and gas operations

09th April 2015

TITAN Containers has worked to transform itself from a regional European company into a major global containers supplier, developing specific solutions to service oil and gas sector logistics

TITAN operates a fleet of special models including full and half height open tops, bins and hard top (lift off roofs) models more suited to general shipments to/from offshore installations

Founded almost 30 years ago, Denmark based TITAN Containers A/S is a leading supplier of shipping, storage, refrigerated, accommodation and offshore containers. It also operates self-storage sites in Europe and has in-house transport (with crane) services in several European countries.

TITAN Containers post-2008 business plans has transformed the company from a European regional player into a global supplier with almost 23 offices located in 18 countries on five continents.

Whilst all of TITAN’s product lines are applicable for the oil and gas industry there are two applications that are most common; for offshore DNV containers, and for landside service centres and site camps.



DNV Containers

Over the past five years, TITAN has developed a range of DNV containers to particular suit the offshore catering suppliers. These include 10’ and 20’ refrigerated suitable for all frozen and chilled consumables as well as 6’, 8’, 10’ & 20’ dry containers (carrying units) for general supplies.

Additionally, TITAN operates a fleet of special models including full and half height open tops, bins and hard top (lift off roofs) models more suited to general shipments to/from offshore installations.

For modification to workshops and stores (and other applications) it offers containers with regular container doors in both ends. The original DNV certification remains valid provided you do not cut or weld to the original container. It also offers bespoke container design and production to customer order.

Manufacturing time is typically 8-10 weeks from order.

TITAN supplies exclusively DNV EN 2.7.1 Classification Society type approved and tested containers for offshore use. Further all non-refrigerated containers are manufactured using Corten steel to minimise rust and corrosion ensuring maximum useful working life and the best economy. Refrigerated containers are manufactured using a mixture of Corten and MGS stainless steel exteriors with hygienic food grade stainless steel interiors.

Containers are available for hire or sale with or without slings at the customer’s choice.  



Landside Service Centres and Site Camps

TITAN’s 10’, 20’ and 40’ ArcticStore and Arctic SuperStore range of sophisticated reliable and extremely user friendly refrigerated storage units are perfect for landside catering service centres supplying the rigs and platforms. They are also used at inland production and exploration sites where temporary facilities are required for the workforce.

Normal shipping containers are naturally often used for storing goods not requiring temperature control. TITAN’s new TITAN 4 People container modules can be used as temporary offices and/or accommodation.   

The big advantage with the many TITAN solutions above is that they match the ISO 20’ or 40’ container footprints and include registered Classification Society type approval for international transport by rail, road and sea. This permits easy and inexpensive (by comparison to other sizes) supply and subsequent relocation between sites worldwide. Three of its 6’ x 8’ mini containers lock together to make 1 x 20’ for shipping!

Immediate factory supply of many types ensures 3-6 weeks lead time to most markets. TITAN offers flexible terms, including sale and rental. These are available on all equipment types worldwide but naturally always subject to any/all local legislation and taxes that may apply.

Whilst there are a plethora of possible suppliers, there only a few with the pedigree of TITAN Containers A/S and even fewer that have matched TITAN’s new containers investments in servicing customer requirements over the past six years.


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