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Swiss chemical giant opens Latin America’s first oil technology centre in Brazil

05th July 2012

Clariant Oil Services chooses Brazil for a new technology centre with special focus on oil and gas industry

The oil and gas technology centre will be built in Brazil
The oil and gas technology centre will be built in Brazil

Clariant Oil Services, of Swiss global chemical company Clariant, are to open a technology centre in Brazil. This centre will be the first in Latin America to focus on R&D for the oil and gas industries. Clariant aim to use their chemical expertise in synthesis technology to design molecules that meet the sector’s new technological demands.

The technology centre will look for chemical solutions for deepwater exploration and production, particularly in the ‘pre-salt’ geological region. Clariant Oil Services stressed the need for multifunctional products, to optimise logistics of supplying solutions to long distance locations such as pre-salt fields.

The centre will also include a training facility for Latin American employees, to encourage sustainable growth through both technological and human development.

Explaining why Brazil was chosen for the technology centre, Carlo Tooge, Clariant Oil & Mining Services' vice president for Latin America, said: “It is important to be close to emerging hydrocarbon production hubs like Brazil, which, during the last few decades, has consolidated its know-how and command of deep water technologies, advancing toward new exploratory frontiers that continuously demand innovative solutions.” 

Tooge also said that Clariant have been working in the Brazilian oil and gas market for over 40 years, and that this sector represents Clariant’s principal business in Brazil. 

The technology centre in Brazil will work closely with other Clariant Oil Services centres; including those in the UK, Germany and Malaysia. In addition, the centre will provide support to ‘Technical Excellence Centres’ and application laboratories across Latin America.

Carlo Tooge said: “All R&D centres work together in an integrated way, thus favoring the synergies that are essential to generate innovation.”


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