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Sudan increasing oil production – minister

09th May 2012

Sudan’s oil output could rise after repair work was completed on a field damaged by the South Sudan army

In April South Sudan's army controlled the oil-rich Heglig area on the border

Sudan is working to increase its oil production from Heglig fields to 80,000 barrels per day, according to its oil minister.

"The ministry is seeking to increase the oil production at Heglig oil fields from 55,000 barrels a day to 80,000 barrels a day," said Awad Ahmed Al- Jaz. The minister presented a report to parliament on Tuesday on the situation at Heglig after it was restored by Khartoum's troops from South Sudan's army

"The ministry has managed to repair the oil facilities in a very short time after they were damaged by the South Sudan's army" Al-Jaz said, reiterating that his ministry was pressing ahead with increasing the country's oil production at other oil fields as well.

The ministry earlier this month announced oil has once again was being pumped from Heglig fields which were damaged during recent clashes in the area between Sudan and South Sudan armies. It has earlier said Sudan lost 30 per cent of its oil production because of the war between Sudan and South Sudan in Heglig.

On 10 April, South Sudan's army controlled the Heglig area, heightening the tensions between Khartoum and Juba and prompted world-wide condemnation.

However, the Sudanese army on 20 April managed to restore Heglig, which includes Sudan's biggest oil fields, after bloody confrontations with South Sudan's army.

Sudanese officials said that South Sudan's fighters have exercised deliberate sabotage and set fire on the oil infrastructures in Heglig.

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