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Second well discovered in Tupi oilfields

13th March 2012

Good quality oil has been discovered in Tupi Northeast, in the Santos Basin Pre-Salt, Brazil, Petrobras announced on 9 March.

Offshore drilling
Oil discovered in the Santos Basin

The second well could be drilled after a Transfer of Rights Agreement was executed with the Brazilian National Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP). The first well drilled in the Transfer of Rights was 3-BRSA-944-RJS (3-RJS-688A), in the Franco area.

The well has a water depth of 2,131 meters, and 255 km and is just off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. The discovery was confirmed by means of 26o API oil samples, obtained by cable tests, collected from 4,960 meters. So far, an oil column with over 290 meters in thickness has been identified in the pre-salt carbonate reservoirs.

The well is being cased in the reservoirs' intervals. The continued drilling of this well aims to investigate the final depth of such reservoirs, as well as to verify the oil/water contact.

Once drilling is completed, a Formation Test is scheduled to be performed in order to assess the productivity of the oil reservoirs. Petrobras will also0 continue the activities and investments provided in the Mandatory Exploratory Program (Programa Exploratório Obrigatório, PEO) of the Transfer of Rights Agreement, which provides the performance of an Extended Well Test (EWT) in this area.

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