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Sanction-struck Lukoil begins commercial production at Western Siberia oilfield

08th October 2014

The Imilorskoye Field was officially commissioned today in a ceremony attended by Vagit Alekperov, Lukoil president, and Arkady Dvorkovich, deputy chairman of the Russian Federation Government

Sanction-struck Lukoil launches production at Western Siberia oilfield
Production drilling at the license block started last February

“The commissioning of one of West Siberia's major fields is a demonstration of the high professionalism of Lukoil personnel and of the high level of technologies employed by Russia’s oil industry,” said Dvorkovich. “I am sure that this is an important indicator of the competitiveness of the Russian fuel-and-energy complex.”

As part of the operations at the Imilorsko-Istochny licence block, construction has thus far included several dozen kilometres of pipelines, site-access roads, power-transmission lines, a 74-metre bridge across the Entl-Imiyagun river, four well pads, a booster pump station and other production-infrastructure facilities required for a smooth functioning of the field.

Production drilling at the license block started last February.

The operations are being conducted in strict compliance with the requirements of the applicable Russian legislation, including observance of the rights and interests of the indigenous population.

For the purpose of a detailed appraisal of the license block, additional seismic surveys will be performed in the area in the next few years, 20 old exploration wells will be retested and 11 new exploration wells will be drilled.

“Imilor was commissioned well ahead of schedule, nearly six months prior to the scheduled deadline,” said Alekperov.

“The usual period from the beginning of geological exploration to the commissioning of a field is 5-7 years; however, Imilor's development is strategically important for the development of Lukoil, and the company was successful in completing all the preparatory stages in a record-breaking time. In this regard, I would like to express my special gratitude to the Yugra Government for their support and contribution.”

“The commissioning of Imilor field will substantially support economic growth in Yugra for decades to come,” said Natalya Komarova, governor of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District – Yugra. “The fuel-and-energy complex is the economic cornerstone of the whole of Russia. What we need is more fields like Imilor to be put on stream.”

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