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Rosneft and GE sign agreement establishing research and engineering centres

13th February 2014

Rosneft and General Electric’s CEO sign a contract to create joint ventures, which will include an Application and Engineering Centre as well as an R&D Centre

Igor Sechin and Jeffrey Immelt sign a contract to create joint ventures

Rosneft’s president Igor Sechin and General Electric’s CEO Jeffrey Immelt have signed a contract to create joint ventures, which will include an Application and Engineering Centre. The facility will be dedicated to the development of Rosneft's projects using GE Oil & Gas products and technologies.

The main role of the centre will include a partnership between Rosneft and General Electric to build and advance Rosneft’s oil and gas projects including “equipment localization initiatives” for Rosneft's projects, and offering training on application engineering and other technical topics to develop the capabilities of Rosneft engineers and technical managers.  

The centre will focus its work on the development of gas sales solutions specifically liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG), power generation solutions, production enhancement including artificial lift technologies, offshore and subsea equipment, as well as refining and petrochemical technologies.

The activity of the R&D Centre will concentrate on the development of joint technologies and upgrading of existing technologies of the companies. Some of the main activity areas of the R&D Centre will be gas monetization activities, refining and petrochemical as well as offshore and subsea projects.

The centers will allow Rosneft to continue onshore production efficiency and to enhance Arctic and offshore shelf projects by using advanced and safe technologies.

Igor Sechin said, “The implementation of the project will allow Rosneft and General Electric to create unique engineering and R&D technology hubs in Russia. Critical to their mission will be the localization of equipment and service opportunities for Rosneft projects.”

He added that “the implementation of this agreement will create new jobs and train high level specialist for the needs of Rosneft and the Russian economy.”

Jeff Immelt also commented, “We see great opportunities in the sustainable growth of the oil and gas sector in Russia, one of the largest in the world. Today we are pleased to build on our strategic partnership with Rosneft by signing an agreement focused on developing local expertise and technology solutions which will drive productivity and growth in the oil and gas sector in Russia.”


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