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Review of specialist geoscience technologies for oil and gas industry

12th February 2014

SLR are pleased to announce the launch of a major new technology study

SLR consulting have united a team of experts for the study

The mysteries of potential field technologies combined with a continual search for technologies that de-risk basins and prospects through direct detection of hydrocarbons have long confused and enticed explorers. SLR consulting have assembled a team of experts to provide the definitive study of when and how to use such technologies.

We are preparing an ambitious new independent review of specialist geoscience technologies. The study will cover non seismic geophysical technologies, electromagnetic and potential field technologies, alongside geochemical and satellite imaging techniques.

The key objective of the study is to provide a roadmap as to when and how to use a specific technology, for example, when in the work flow and in which geological environment. The success metric for the study will be to assess the impact that particular technology has on risk and uncertainty reduction.  We will also advise on the optimal combination of technologies to solve particular problems.  

Both vendors and operators will be involved in the study.  We will therefore evaluate the underlying science, how it is being sold to the industry, and capture real examples of how the technology is being used. Practical case examples of both success and failure will underpin the research.


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