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Polarcus prepares multi-client project offshore Australia

21st October 2014

Polarcus Limited has announced the imminent commencement of a major new RightBAND(TM) multi-client project over the Roebuck Basin, offshore North West Shelf, Australia

The Capreolus 3D survey, supported by strong industry funding, will comprise approximately 15,000 square kilometres and is designed to provide exploration companies with an extensive basin-wide high quality broadband 3D seismic dataset over and adjacent to the recent Phoenix South oil discovery.

The discovery announced by Apache Corporation on 18 August 2014 has the potential to open up a major new oil province within one of the few remaining underexplored parts of the North West Shelf.

The Capreolus 3D survey is specifically designed in conjunction with the project sponsors to enable companies to explore the petroleum potential within the primary Triassic and Jurassic reservoirs.

The project will commence in Q4 2014, utilising two Polarcus A-Class 3D seismic vessels towing super-wide 12 x 120-metre long offset receiver arrays. The acquisition phase is estimated at approximately eight vessel months (four calendar months) duration, optimally placing these vessels for the previously announced two vessel programme for a major energy company offshore Sakhalin in Q2 2015.

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