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Paradigm technology to boost Poland shale exploration

18th April 2013

Paradigm’s full azimuth imaging technology EarthStudy 360 lends hand to Polish shale gas exploration

Paradigm technology to boost Poland shale exploration
Fracture imaging using Paradigm EarthStudy 360

Global developer of software solutions for the oil and gas industry Paradigm will see its proprietary full azimuth imaging technology EarthStudy 360 help Poland explore its unconventional shale gas reverses, the company said in a press release on Wednesday.

The news follows an agreement between Paradigm and Polish geophysical services company Geofizyka Torun. Under the agreement, both seismic players will collaborate on defining and publishing new workflows for the exploration of unconventional shale gas reserves in Poland using Paradigm‘s EarthStudy 360 full azimuth imaging technology. The technology has already been successfully used in North and South America, Asia, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

 “With EarthStudy 360 applied to surface recorded seismic data, we are able to deliver a much better product compared to standard 3D imaging,” said Jerzy Trela, Geofizyka Torun COO. “Reliable attributes estimated using EarthStudy 360 can help define sweet spots for unconventional prospects, as well as provide effective support to decisions about horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Together, these significantly reduce prospect uncertainty.”

Geofizyka ran full-azimuth, anisotropic imaging on the first 3D shale gas seismic survey in Poland. The company now plans to process the next shale gas seismic project with support from Paradigm, Trela added.

Mark Littman, Paradigm’s sales director for Northern Europe said: “Poland is a rapidly growing market for these types of plays in Europe, and we believe our innovative full-azimuth imaging technology will help unlock the full potential in this region,” said.

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