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Paradigm expands full-azimuth seismic imaging technology

22nd March 2013

Paradigm to make EarthStudy 360 seismic imaging system more accessible to oil and gas companies

Paradigm expands full-azimuth seismic imaging technology
A full-azimuth angle gather from the Barnett Shale visualised in 3D

Subsurface software developer Paradigm is expanding its proprietary EarthStudy 360®technology, it emerged on Thursday, following plans to make the full-azimuth seismic imaging and characterisation system more accessible to the global oil and gas industry.

As part of the expansion, Paradigm will work with customers to generate, analyse and interpret data and images that illuminate the subsurface with continuous azimuth data recovered in-situ and in-depth.

EarthStudy 360 reorganises surface recorded seismic data to generate higher quality images and information not obtainable from conventional methods.

The software recovers a full spectrum of azimuth data in-situ and in-depth much the way borehole tools sample the subsurface.

The procedure avoids the problems associated with the traditional approach of sectoring surface-recorded seismic data in order to obtain subsurface properties that vary with azimuth. 

“Whether it is a deep water objective, fractured carbonate, shale resource play, overthrust, or development field, our customers’ expectations have been exceeded in the information that we are able to recover from EarthStudy 360 with surface-recorded seismic data”, said Duane Dopkin, executive vice president of technology at Paradigm.

“We are pleased to expand our EarthStudy 360 offering and coverage in order to work with our customers using this game-changing technology in a truly collaborative manner,” Dopkin added.

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