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Oil and gas company delivers straight-through hot stab

14th March 2012

Pioneering hot stab technology offers new solution for deepwater operators

Offshore oil rig
New subsea technology unleashed

A first full-bore, straight-through, pressure-balanced hot stab has been put forward for a series of subsea injection and pumping projects in the Gulf of Mexico.

The product is based on patented technology from subsea connector specialist SECC Oil & Gas and should help operators make significant improvements in achievable flow rates.

The Max Flow* hot stab has been designed to achieve the highest stab connector flow rates in the industry with exceptionally low pressure drops, including those involving high viscosity fluids and high flow requirements, such as tooling, intervention, testing and flooding.  It is based around a straight-through bore with no obstacle or change of bore angle to throttle the rate at which fluids can travel through it. 

The product, measuring 0.25 – 4 inches, allows operators to achieve high flow rates using a smaller equivalent diameter bore without having to pump at higher pressures or use larger and heavier connectors and lines, said SECC.

The idea is to combat the problem of pressure drop typically associated with conventional connectors, said Gareth Black, Engineering Manager at SECC Oil & Gas.  “As well as reducing the cost implications of these types of projects, we are also helping operators reduce the risks associated with working at high pressures and protect the safety of personnel, equipment and the environment,” he said.

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