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Non seismic surveying begins offshore Greenland

25th April 2012

Non-seismic surveying can offer an attractive solution to 3D seismic data by better defining oil and gas targets

Non-seismic geophysical imaging services provider ARKeX has began a new multi-client full tensor gravity gradiometry (FTG) survey offshore Greenland.

In conjunction with ION Geophysical Corporation, the company will survey 50,000 sq km. The area covers a substantial portion of the pre-round blocks that are on offer to the KANUMAS group which covers offshore North-East and North-West Greenland. It will also explore ordinary round blocks that will be offered next year as part of Greenland’s ongoing license rounds.

With reserve estimates of 8.5 billion BOE, 80.4 trillion cf of gas, and 8.5 bb of natural gas liquids, the region offshore northeast Greenland is attractive to exploration and production companies.

The acquired FTG data will be incorporated with ION’s 2D Northeast GreenlandSPANTM program to build a 3D structural model of the area, giving exploration companies valuable geologic information on which to base their exploration decisions.

Phill Houghton, ARKeX Vice President of Business Development, said: “Greenland has vast potential, and by combining ARKeX FTG data with ION’s SPAN data, together we will be able to deliver an enhanced geologic model of this frontier area.”

Joe Gagliardi, ION’s Director of Arctic Solutions and Technology, added, “For E&P operators in the Arctic, the stakes are incredibly high. To reduce their risk and allow for informed decision making, these companies need high resolution data covering as much of the territory as possible.

“Relying on the typical volume of recon grade 3D seismic data in the Arctic offshore Northeast Greenland is simply not feasible due to the presence of pack ice covering the prime exploration area. ION and ARKeX are applying a unique application of basin-scale data sets and non-seismic data to produce a 3D data volume ahead of the 2013 licensing round.”

The data is expected to be available in the Autumn.

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