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New oil discovery in Brazil's Santos Basin

13th April 2012

Petrobras makes new offshore oil discovery at a depth of 1,747m in pre-salt basin

Resources hidden in the Santos Basin, off Rio, could increase Brazil's reserves by 62%

Petrobras has discovered a new good quality oil accumulation at a well to the north of Lula field, in the Santos Basin pre-salt cluster, the Brazilian oil giant announced on 13 April.

The new well, known as Dolomita Sul, is located at a water depth of 1,747m and is 177 km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Petrobras is the sole concession holder of this block.

This discovery pushes the potential of the pre-salt region beyond the initial expectations, said Petrobras.

The well, still in the drilling phase, also has more ambitious objectives. After drilling is completed, Petrobras will evaluate the productivity of these reservoirs using formation tests.

The discovery was initially confirmed by cable test oil sampling, in pre-salt carbonate reservoirs, at around 5,660 meters deep.

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