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NEOS launches new seismic programme onshore US

02nd May 2013

NEOS GeoSolutions starts new geoscience programme in the Mountain West to evaluate and highgrade frontier acreage for oil and gas exploration

NEOS Geosolutions launches new seismic programme onshore US
3-D regional model using the neoBASIN system

NEOS GeoSolutions has announced that it has secured the underwriting needed to launch a new integrated geological and geophysical programme in the US, in a frontier exploration play in the Mountain West region. The neoBASIN survey covers roughly 900 square miles.

Anticipated project deliverables include maps of basement topography and key structural and stratigraphic horizons; basement-to-surface maps highlighting major lineaments and regional fault networks; 2-D cross-sections and regional 3-D structural models of the subsurface; maps of the key reservoir interval of interest, including an isopach, burial depth, and depth-to-basement map; regional resistivity voxels down to approximately 10,000 feet subsurface; and regional ‘sweet spot maps’ depicting the most (and least) prospective areas for leasing, drilling, and/or further G&G study and investment.

Lance Moreland, director of business development for NEOS csaid: “We’ll be acquiring new airborne geophysical datasets – magnetic, electromagnetic, radiometric, and gravity –and integrating these with existing seismic and well information, both of which are in short supply given the emerging nature of this play. This neoBASIN survey has been designed to provide high-value, basement-to-surface insights so that our lead underwriter can better evaluate the exploration potential of their area of interest and identify the most prospective locations for future development.”

Chris Friedemann, CMO and VP of Business Development at NEOS added: “We have already conducted a pilot test of the viability of electromagnetic (EM) measurements in this area and both we and the lead underwriter are very encouraged by the results. Seismic surveys are somewhat challenged in the area of interest because near-surface conditions make it difficult to image the deeper subsurface. NEOS has made great progress in the methodologies we use to process airborne, passive-source EM data and are confident that the EM insights, especially when interpreted simultaneously with other geophysical measurements, will help our client to better evaluate the potential of this frontier, unconventional exploration play.”

While the neoBASIN survey is being executed under a multi-client commercial model, the lead underwriter has secured a period of exclusivity to evaluate the results before they are made available for license to others in 2014.

NEOS GeoSolutions last week secured the underwriting needed to launch an integrated geological and geophysical programme in an emerging exploration play in the mid-continent of the US.


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