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Multiple screw pump systems in Arctic areas

17th April 2013

As the worldwide largest product range of twin, triple and five screw pumps, Leistritz offers complete pump packages for the oil and gas industry

Multiple screw pump systems in Arctic areas
Permafrost area

The latest technology in combination with strictly controlled quality is the basis for the globally recognised efficiency and reliability of Leistritz screw pumps. 

Single volute twin or triple screw pumps are used as crude oil transfer pumps, pumps for asphalt or bitumen, fuel oil injection pumps or as supply and circulation pumps in lube and seal oil systems. These pumps are available for flow rates up to 900m³/h and differential pressures up to 280bar and in many design options.

Among the large variety of rotary positive displacement pumps, twin screw pumps are the most versatile for applications in the oil and gas industry. They handle liquids of high and low viscosity, with or without solids and as multiphase pumps even high gas contents in excess of 97 per cent. Flow rates of 5,000m³/h and differential pressures up to 150bar can be reached. The pumps are of double volute design; hence, there are negligible thrust loads on the pump bearings. The shaft seals are exposed to suction pressure only and screws made from single piece bar stock guarantee maximal stiffness at minimum shaft deflection.

The drive torque is transmitted from the drive shaft to the idler shaft by means of noise reduced helical timing gears, designed for easy screw adjustment.

The modular design of both the industrial and the multiphase Leistritz twin screw pumps offers easy and efficient maintenance and limited stock keeping.

In Arctic areas screw pumps operate under particularly harsh environmental conditions. A vast number of oil fields in Russia, Kazakhstan and in North America are located in territories with
temperatures lower than –40°C during the winter months. In summer, however, the ambient temperature may climb over 50°C. Such high temperature fluctuations are a challenge for the design of the screw pump system.

To ensure the continuous and trouble-free operation of the entire systems, the pump skids and the control equipment as well as variable speed drives (VFDs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are installed either in heated buildings or insulated containers. Automatic heaters always maintain a temperature above freezing point. During hot summer days, ample sized ventilation openings assure constant transfer of the heat generated by the operating pump units. The control equipment for the VFDs and PLCs must also be installed in buildings or containers with heating and air conditioning.

The containers consist of single or multiple turnkey modules that are delivered furnished for final assembly and commissioning on site. For maintenance purposes ample space is provided inside the containers. 

Experienced commissioning engineers offer assistance to customers during the installation and commissioning phase of the Leistritz screw pump systems.

This article was written by Hans-Juergen Schoener, Leistritz Pumpen.

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