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Method and system for evaluating geophysical survey data now available

14th May 2015

Bell Geospace has announced that their method and system for evaluating geophysical survey data, known internally as Autoevaluate, is now being made available to clients and companies seeking a tried and trusted way to QC geophysical survey data.

The method, patented worldwide in September 2005 as “Method & system for evaluating geophysical survey data” is a way of processing Gravity Gradient survey data, and more particularly, to auto-evaluate this survey data in real time to determine whether to repeat a survey flight line.  This has been an important part of Bell’s QC procedure and making it available to professionals outside of Bell Geospace itself is a new development in the Bell Geospace offering.

Scott Hammond, CEO says: “we have long been proud of the methodology and software we have developed in order to maintain high standards of quality control over our data.  We believe strongly that making this available to other users is a step towards ensuring the best possible data is available to operators.  Bell Geospace is offering this software to our clients and consultants at no charge to assist the industry in these constrained economic times, enabling better decision making and thus having a fundamental effect on the business bottom line”.





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