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Magnitude redefines microseismic fracture monitoring and refracturing efficiency

04th June 2015

Two new IntelliFrac services deliver a step-change in fracture design and execution efficiency

IntelliFrac VSP-Enhanced monitoring service
IntelliFrac VSP-Enhanced monitoring service

Magnitude, a Baker Hughes company, announced today the commercial release of two new offerings, the IntelliFrac VSP-Enhanced monitoring service and the IntelliFrac Recomplete service, as part of the company’s line of IntelliFrac advanced microseismic services. 

The new IntelliFrac VSP-Enhanced microseismic monitoring service integrates vertical seismic profiling (VSP) and time-lapse quantitative VSP analysis with traditional microseismic measurements to facilitate improved fracture designs, help optimize real-time fracture applications, and deliver more accurate and far-reaching fracture mapping than is possible by just using microseismic measurements alone. Combining the accurate event locations and magnitudes gathered through this service with patent-pending SWAT (Shear Wave Attenuation Tomography) analysis also makes it possible to best ascertain the effectiveness of hydraulic fracturing treatments via changes in fracture density. 

The IntelliFrac Recomplete service combines microseismic depletion zone mapping with advanced Baker Hughes completion and pressure pumping technology to design and execute effective, efficient refracturing treatments that target and isolate non-depleted regions along the wellbore. Using this service, operators can avoid restimulating areas of the reservoir that have little hydrocarbons left to offer, reducing restimulation costs while still optimizing the potential recovery from their refracturing operations. 

“With the new IntelliFrac VSP-Enhanced monitoring, we have effectively given our customers an enhanced means to quantify the effectiveness of their stimulation treatments” said Fernando Lopez, President and CEO of Magnitude. “Additionally, the IntelliFrac Recomplete service will help operators maximize their ROI by avoiding depleted reservoir sections and stimulating those with significant production left to offer; essentially making ‘pump and pray’ refracs a thing of the past.”






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