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Kongsberg upgrades seismic control system

23rd September 2013

Kongsberg Seatex gives eBird system the ability to equip its SmartWing instrumentation with two additional features – a compass and a GNSS receiver

Kongsberg upgrades seismic control system
The eBird is a bird for lateral, vertical and roll streamer control in marine seismic acquisition

Marine electronics manufacturer Kongsberg Seatex announced on Monday the enhancement of its eBird solution with the addition of heading and GNSS surface position options for the seismic cable control system.


The eBird is a bird for lateral, vertical and roll streamer control in marine seismic acquisition, something which is unique in seismic operations. The system has proven performance in large seismic streamer spreads.


Placing a GNSS receiver in eBird’s wings opens new opportunities for improving the efficiency of an operation, in particular during launch and recovery but also when running lines. The receiver allows transmission of satellite data from the seismic vessel to eBird, reducing the time to first position fix considerably and giving eBird a position with one wing semi-surfaced. 


The built-in compass is fully integrated with SmartWing and provides heading information from a submerged eBird.


“These new features are excellent examples of how we combine our core technology and expertise to create improved value for our customers,” says Gard Ueland, president of Kongsberg Seatex AS. “This is one step further in our offerings to the seismic market, and we will continue to improve our solutions in close cooperation with our customers.”


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