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Indian firm invests in pre-salt basin technology

Wipro RKM to test production and quality control equipment for application in Brazil’s promising pre-salt area

Brazilian supplier invests in O&G tech research

An Indian engineering company is poised to make significant investments in developing Brazil’s oil-rich pre-salt basin, it emerged on Tuesday.

The Brazilian arm of India’s Wipro Engineering Infrastructure, Wipro RKM, will invest in O&G technology research and testing in the country’s promising pre-salt area.

“We are currently expanding into Brazil's oil and gas sector,” Wipro RKM’s commercial director Gustavo Sacchelli told OGT. “The application of our hydraulic technology will be particularly focused on the introduction of Christmas trees in the pre-salt area,” he added.

Wipro’s engineering division, Wipro Engineering Infrastructure, is the world’s largest manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders and produces over 850,000 cylinders and 27,000 pumps and valves each year.

Tests and simulations have been conducted with different types of steel alloys in inox and inconel. The equipment will require a high life cycle for pre-salt application, according to the company.  
Brazil’s latest oil frontier, the pre-salt area, holds an estimated 80 billion barrels of oil equivalent beneath the ocean floor.

Wipro RKM will invest around USD 5m in infrastructural upgrades to its factory in Paracicaba, state of São Paulo; human resources; high quality technology; and production and quality control equipment for application in the energy, minerals and cargo freighting sectors.

Wipro Engineering Infrastructure in May 2011 bought a majority stake in Brazilian hydraulic cylinders manufacturer, RKM Equipamentos Hidráulicos. The move gave the company a platform to expand its product portfolio to Latin America, its president Patrik Kumar said at the time. It currently holds 10 factories spread in India, China, Brazil, Sweden and Finland.

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