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German firm upgrades emergency lowering device

17th October 2012

J D Neuhaus’s emergency lowering device for hoists now available for its Profi Ti line

German firm upgrades emergency lowering device
The emergency lowering device can now supply JDN’s Pro Ti hoist line

A German air hoist and crane manufacturer on Tuesday announced that its recently launched emergency lowering device for air operated hoists is now also available as a standard feature for its Profi Ti hoist line, which has a 25 to 60 tonnes lift capacity and can operate at temperatures from 20°C to +70°C.

J D Neuhaus’ emergency lowering device consists of a separate pressurised air reservoir tank and and a two-button hand controller which supplements the company’s existing disk brake, JDN said in a press release.

“[The] air reservoir is automatically maintained at the full working air pressure during normal hoist operations. This ensures the availability of a positive emergency braking system when required, and the air tank is also protected by a check valve,” JDN said.

The equipment ensures that suspended loads are held safely at above-floor level in the event of a power loss. It becomes operable when a severe reduction or total loss of mains air pressure occurs and then provides practical two-handed operation to avoid unintentional lowering.

The emergency lowering device can now supply JDN’s Pro Ti hoist line, the German firm said.

“[Pro Ti hoists] are designed to comply with Ex operating ratings, suitable for working in hazardous areas or potentially explosive environments. They are insensitive to humidity and dust laden atmospheres, and can operate at temperatures from -20°C to +70°C,” JDN said.

“The Profi Ti range of JDN products are suitable for all engineering applications throughout a wide range of industries including oil and gas exploration and processing, mining, shipbuilding, foundries, the chemical industry and heavy plant construction.”

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