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GeoPark strikes oil at Llanos Block in Colombia

10th July 2014

GeoPark has announced the discovery of the oil-bearing Tigana Norte 1 oil well on its Llanos 34 Block in Colombia

GeoPark strikes oil at Llanos 34 Block in Colombia
GeoPark is the operator of well and has a 45 per cent working interest in the Llanos 34 Block

GeoPark drilled and completed the Tigana Norte 1 well to a total depth of 3,700 metres. A test conducted with an electrical submersible pump in the Guadalupe formation, at approximately 3,522 metres, resulted in a production rate of approximately 1,061 barrels of oil per day (bopd) of 14.6 ° API, with a 0.49 per cent water cut, through a choke of 24/64 inches and well head pressure of 235 pounds per square inch.

Further production history will be required to determine stabilised flow rates of the well.  

"The extension of the Tigana Field is encouraging and we salute our team in successfully discovering, developing, building the necessary infrastructure and putting into production this field in record time,” said James F. Park, CEO of GeoPark. “The Tigana Field production has grown from zero to 8,500 bopd gross in less than seven months. We also believe the new larger combined Tigana Field interpretation will positively impact the field’s reserves and development potential.”

GeoPark is the operator of well and has a 45 per cent working interest in the Llanos 34 Block.

Production and reservoir analyses from the Tigana 1, 2 and 3, Tigana Sur 1 and Tigana Norte 1 wells on the Llanos 34 Block now indicate that three previously delineated fields and prospects form part of a single larger combined (structural and stratigraphic) trap and field, productive from the Cretaceous Guadalupe and Tertiary Mirador formations.

The field is currently producing over 8,500 bopd gross from the 5 wells drilled and completed to date. The company is carrying out further development and appraisal drilling this year on the Tigana Field complex, including the Tigana Sur Oeste 1 well that is currently being completed.

Preliminary results suggest that the stratigraphic component of the trap could enhance the exploration potential of the Llanos 34 Block area.  

Since taking over the Llanos 34 Block with no production and no reserves in Colombia two years ago, GeoPark has grown production on this block to approximately 20,000 bopd gross. In 2014, GeoPark is carrying out a 10 well drilling programme on Llanos 34 Block, as part of an overall 18-23 well drilling programme in Colombia.



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