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Gazprom's Zapolyarnoye most productive field in Russia

18th January 2013

Russia’s Zapolyarnoye gas field achieves full capacity of 130 billion cubic meters of gas per annum

Gazprom's Zapolyarnoye most productive field in Russia
Production facilities, Zapolyarnoye field

Russia’s Zapolyarnoye field has hit its full design capacity of 130 billion cubic meters of gas per year, Gazprom announced on Tuesday, becoming Russia’s most productive field.
The field was brought to its design capacity upon commissioning of the second comprehensive gas treatment unit (CGTU-1V) for the Valanginian deposits and the third compressor workshop at the Zapolyarnaya main compressor station (MCS) of the Zapolyarnoye – Urengoy gas trunklinem, Gazprom said in a press release.

As a result, Zapolyarnoye became the most productive gas field in Russia.
The Zapolyarnaya MCS is one of the most productive in Russia, Gazprom claims, with the current capacity of 354 MW. High-technology gas compressor units (GCU) with centrifugal superchargers based on rotor magnet suspension are also installed at the station.

The application of cutting-edge engineering solutions and advanced fail-safe equipment designed for severe natural and climatic conditions have allowed for an increase in efficiency in the development of existing fields, according to Gazprom.

The Russian gas giant stated that “directional drilling with subhorizontal borehole, a telemechanic system enabling to control well operation online, as well as advanced techniques for monitoring the field development process” are all being applied at the Zapolyarnoye field.

“From now on, every fifth cubic meter of Russian gas will be produced here, from the Zapolyarnoye field. It is comparable to the gas volumes that we supplied during the last four years to Germany – our major buyer in Europe,” said Alexey Miller, chairman of the Gazprom management committee.


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