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Gazprom to triple gas extraction from Belarus plants

24th August 2012

Gazprom plans ambitious new gas strategy for Belarus because its potential has "yet to be exhausted", the energy giant’s head told local media this week

In January and February gas extraction peaked 18 million cubic meters per day from underground Belarus storage facilities

Russian oil giant, Gazprom will triple peak gas extraction from underground storage facilities in Belarus by 2020, OAO Gazprom Chairman of the Board Alexei Miller announced on 23 August.
In January and February gas extraction peaked 18 million cubic meters per day, an OAO Beltransgaz spokesperson told reporters.

Further development of the gas transportation system in Belarus is also required to satisfy the growing demand of the energy industry and the production sector, Gazprom chief Alexei Miller said.
Gazprom also intends to raise Russian gas transit via Belarus to the EU. Various scenarios are under consideration.

“We see good prospects for such developments. Belarus’ potential as a transit country has not been exhausted and we see the possibility of increasing transit in the near future,” Miller said.

Transit volumes will depend on how much natural gas Europe needs and on the reconstruction of gas transportation facilities in Belarus. There are plans to build new gas transportation facilities and upgrade existing gas transportation networks.

Linear sections of the gas pipelines Torzhok-Minsk-Ivatsevichi and Ivatsevichi-Dolina will be increased. An increase in the reconstruction of gas distribution stations was discussed along with the construction of new gas outlets. Plans were drafted to build the Luninets-Mikashevichi connection. These measures will allow increasing the reliability of gas transportation in Belarus.
Miller also said that business processes between Gazprom and Beltransgaz were being synchronised, regulations were being unified. “In the end we will come up with common standards in technical and financial aspects and management. Our joint work indicates that there are virtually no big differences between us now,” he said.
Belarus and Russia plan to discuss a common gas distribution budget in the future, he added.

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