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Expro’s toolstring technology heads for Brazil offshore

05th June 2014

Expro’s new design ExACT (Expro annulus-operated circulating and test tool) will be deployed offshore Brazil this summer after its successful use in the Gulf of Mexico this week

Expro’s toolstring technology heads for Brazil offshore
The tool, one of the most advanced of its kind, combines downhole shut-in and circulating functionality

The successful operation, a tubing conveyed perforating ‘shoot and pull’, took place on the Vermillion field offshore in the Gulf of Mexico following trial work onshore in Brazil last year.

“Expro’s drill stem testing technology has already been deployed on two wells in deepwater offshore Brazil with a leading independent oil and gas operator, with plans for the existing tools in this project to be enhanced by ExACT in summer 2014,” said Dave Grant, Expro DST/TCP director.

“Following our recent successful deployment, we aim to target various emerging deepwater markets across Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa to further enhance our technical capabilities and relationships with existing clients.”

The tool, one of the most advanced of its kind, combines downhole shut-in and circulating functionality.

ExACT features minimal fast-cycling to position the ball and ports in the required position shortening times between cycles.

During the deployment, tubing-conveyed perforation guns were fired using a pressure-activated firing system set to detonate with 2400psi applied annulus pressure.

Using a bespoke in-house software programme, the ExACT tool was set up at surface to fully function downhole with applied annulus pressure between 1100psi-1400psi, leaving the desired firing head safety margin of 1000psi. Post-job analysis of gauge data verified that ExACT was operating within 50psi of calculated values in all tool positions.

 “The ExACT system can be deployed in any well type, however it is ideally suited for gas wells and deepwater markets. The fast-cycling tool can also provide a very high circulating rate, which is paramount in high cost operations such as those in deepwater applications.”

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