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Emerson collaborates on first UKCS deployment of its sand monitoring technology

20th September 2015

Roxar SandLog wireless transmitters help protect equipment through accurate, flexible and cost-effective monitoring

Emerson Process Management’s Roxar SandLog wireless sand erosion monitoring solutions
Emerson Process Management’s Roxar SandLog wireless sand erosion monitoring solutions

Stork has successfully installed Emerson Process Management’s Roxar SandLog wireless sand erosion monitoring solutions on a major North Sea operator’s installation. 
The collaboration with Stork marks the first installation of the Roxar SandLog wireless monitors in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS).
The new wireless devices provide flexible, cost effective and highly accurate online monitoring of sand erosion from the field, helping to extend equipment life and increase production from reserves.
“With operators’ increased focus on the bottom line, effective protection from sand erosion and corrosion can be an important factor in maintaining the successful and economic flow of hydrocarbons from reservoir to refinery,” said Kjell Wold, business development manager for flow assurance at Emerson Process Management.
“Our technology and application specialists designed the Roxar SandLog Wireless transmitters to meet this challenge head-on,” he continued. “The result is a highly sensitive and accurate solution that improves operator insight and can be directly integrated with WirelessHart™ networks.  By working with a highly experienced Monitoring Solutions provider such as Stork, we can deliver a complete asset integrity management system for well operators.”
Stork’s Monitoring Solutions capabilities provide operators with the means to monitor the rate of erosion on their assets, identifying and continuously reporting on areas of concern, and enabling the planning of effective remedial work. Monitoring erosion on essential lines is vital, as it contributes to the failure of equipment and loss of containment, as well as posing a risk to personnel and the environment.
Rod Agnew, vice president for service delivery at Stork, said: “With over 30 years’ experience, Stork’s Monitoring Solutions department is uniquely positioned to deliver a range of traditional and advanced techniques for monitoring the rate of corrosion, erosion, stress, temperature, strain or intrusion on pipelines both on and offshore.”
“Working in collaboration with companies such as Emerson,” Agnew continued, “ensures Stork is at the forefront of technological advancements that are safe, cost effective and deliver operational efficiencies for our clients.”
The Roxar SandLog Wireless transmitters significantly reduce installation costs compared to wired online systems and enable monitoring in previously inaccessible areas. They are one element of Emerson’s complete asset integrity system that also includes the Roxar CorrLog corrosion monitoring transmitters.  Operators can also access Roxar Fieldwatch, Emerson’s windows-based field monitoring system for rigorous analysis of the data generated.

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