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Dolphin releases new seismic data technology

25th April 2013

Dolphin-owned Open Geophysical launches OpenCPS 3.0, a software platform delivering production seismic data processing

Dolphin releases new seismic data technology
Dolphin has installed OpenCPS 3.0 on its four vessels for on-board quality control and fast-track processing

Dolphin subsidiary Open Geophysical has announced the release of the OpenCPS 3.0 software platform, which delivers production seismic data processing for land and marine data.

The 3.0 release brings processing capabilities such as field QC and PSTM imaging. New land workflows include crooked line support and FXY deconvolution for cross-spread gathers. New marine workflows include 3D SRME and Fourier-domain regularisation. The software infrastructure has been enhanced to support large data volumes and computing systems. 

Dolphin Geophysical acquired Open Geophysical in 2012. The seismic major has installed OpenCPS 3.0 in its London processing centre and on its four vessels for on-board quality control and fast-track processing. OpenCPS 3.0 supports Dolphin's full workflow from navigation merge through imaging including SHarp broadband processing. 

"OpenCPS delivers interactivity, high-end visualization and extensibility. With the 3.0 release, OpenCPS is now a full production seismic processing system ready to handle the largest and most complex datasets," said Roland Gunther, VP of Open Geophysical. "Now part of Dolphin Geophysical, we are continuing to focus on software and services for all of our customers and continue to develop new tools for both land and marine processing."

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