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DNV unveils new 3D marine simulation tech

21st June 2013

DNV Software launches Sesam Marine, a software which enhances 3D simulation and visualisation for marine operations

DNV unveils new 3D marine simulation tech
Sesam Marine can be used in lifting and installation of topsides, modules and subsea structures

DNV Software on Thursday announced the launch of Sesam Marine, a software solution for marine operations which features 3D simulation and visualisation. The system is designed to address the challenges which the transportation, installation and lifting sectors are facing in harsh offshore environments.


“Seeing the operation through realistic computer simulation offers unequalled decision support,” says DNV Software director of operations Stian Barkbu. “Technicians will see ahead of time how the components will react to the acting forces, what motion will be incurred, for example swing movements of equipment or the heeling force on a vessel or offshore structure. Fast analysis capabilities are now integrated with a graphic front-end that provides immediate visual feedback,” he said.


The Sesam Marine software manages risk through calculation and visualisation of marine operations, taking into account environmental conditions and structural components. It can be used in lifting and installation of topsides, modules and subsea structures, floatover installation and removal of topsides and offloading tankers in tandem or side-by-side.


“The ability to quickly visualise the operations in 3D and run multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios immediately showing the results of all known factors reduces risk of offshore installations significantly,” DNV said in a written statement.


DNV is also to help IMO identify potential for and necessary steps to implement LNG as shipping fuel in North America