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CGG begins BroadSeis Survey in Brazil’s Barreirinhas Basin

22nd October 2015

CGG has announced that it has now received all necessary permits to start acquiring the industry’s first regional broadband seismic survey of the Barreirinhas Basin in the Equatorial Margin of northern Brazil in early November.

CGG will begin a BroadSeis survey in Brazil's Barreirinhas Basin
CGG will begin a BroadSeis survey in Brazil's Barreirinhas Basin

The MegaBar 3D multi-client survey has received strong industry support and will benefit from the full bandwidth offered by BroadSeis to illuminate the untapped potential of this frontier basin.

The 14,500 km2 survey is being acquired by the Oceanic Vega deploying Sercel Sentinel solid streamers. The high-end BroadSeis dataset will be processed in CGG's Rio de Janeiro Subsurface Imaging center using the latest processing technology. The processing will also benefit from extensive in-house experience of the Brazilian Equatorial margin and its specific challenges. Fast-track processing deliverables will be available in several phases, starting in May 2016. 

Jean-Georges Malcor, CEO, CGG, said: “CGG has responded to significant client interest in the potential of the Barreirinhas Basin with an ambitious program for a new benchmark broadband regional survey. BroadSeis has provided significant insight to explorers in the Atlantic and Equatorial margins of Brazil, and is the natural choice for our MegaBar survey. With over 50 years of operating history in Brazil, CGG is as dedicated as ever to supporting Brazil’s exploration, development and production challenges and believes that this new regional seismic data set will offer an excellent opportunity to understand the geological potential of this new frontier.”

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