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Baker Hughes and Shell announce release of first software application from co-development agreement

29th November 2015

Re-engineered JewelSuite 6 subsurface modelling software application improves decision making in field development planning

Structural model created with JewelSuite 6 Subsurface Modeling
Structural model created with JewelSuite 6 Subsurface Modeling

Baker Hughes and Shell have announced the commercial release of the Baker Hughes JewelSuite™ 6 Subsurface Modeling software application for geological modeling and reservoir engineering. The companies’ re-engineered application provides rapid, precise and powerful modeling of the subsurface and helps operators to make better decisions about well placement, reserves estimates and production planning. 

Based on Shell’s  extensive experience as an oil industry operator and Baker Hughes’ expertise in reservoir simulation and modeling, it is the first result of the joint software development between the two companies and is a core technology component of Shell’s proprietary modeling software, PetroSigns™.

The JewelSuite 6 Subsurface Modeling software application delivers rapid and efficient modeling capabilities through an intuitive user interface and easy-to-understand workflows, which help users learn and start benefiting from the application quickly. A built-in audit trail captures and further streamlines the modeling process by capturing all of the actions performed by a user throughout a modeling session and providing auditable, reproducible modeling steps that can be converted easily to workflow automation scripts.

The ability to build highly precise 3D geological models, regardless of the reservoirs structural complexity, is based on a patented Baker Hughes gridding and meshing algorithm. These models can be updated and modified quickly and easily with new well information or alternative geological scenarios, thereby ensuring that the most accurate and up-to-date subsurface data is immediately available.

The powerful JewelSuite 6 Subsurface Modeling software application also enables users to run multiple subsurface scenarios simultaneously and assess each one’s effect on reserve recovery, production rates and other critical parameters. Workflows designed for dynamic modeling, as well as pre- and post-processors that allow seamless transfer of the models generated by the JewelSuite 6 Subsurface Modeling application into any supported reservoir flow simulator, are the foundation of this powerful capability. 

“The re-engineered JewelSuite 6 Subsurface Modeling software application, based on Shell’s real-world experience and Baker Hughes modeling expertise, gives operators a rapid, precise and powerful way to better understand subsurface conditions,” said Martin Brudy, Vice President, Reservoir Technology at Baker Hughes. “These insights can help them to drive maximum performance from their reservoirs.”

“One of the biggest benefits of JewelSuite 6 Subsurface Modeling is that it will allow real collaboration between the different disciplines in petroleum engineering; they will be able to jointly look at the same data and share models, and therefore be able to reduce uncertainties and make better plans for the big development projects and investments that we make in our business,” said Bettina Bachmann, Vice President, Subsurface and Wells Software at Shell.  “We believe that JewelSuite will be a key enabler for high-end modeling technology and that it will make a big impact, not only for Shell, but for all companies in terms of unlocking reserves of the future.” 

The JewelSuite 6 Subsurface Modeling software application is part of a software suite built on the Baker Hughes JewelEarth™ platform. This platform enables true integration among all applications in the suite, as well as seamless connectivity with existing geoscience software applications and databases. As a result, the modeling software can be used either independently or as part of integrated, multidomain workflows to provide a more precise view of the subsurface.