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Arctic conference awards ground-breaking technologies

06th December 2012

Arctic Technology Conference reveals award recipients of 2012 Spotlight on Arctic Technology Award

The technologies were awarded for their ability for their ability to enhance oil and gas operations in the harsh Arctic region

At the Arctic Technology Conference (ATC), an international event which took place between 3-5 December in Houston, Texas, two technologies were awarded for their ability to enhance oil and gas operations in the harsh Arctic region.

The two recipients of the 2012 Spotlight on Arctic Technology Award, as it is called, were Texas-based seismic solutions company ION Geophysical's under-ice towed marine streamer and Transkor Group Inc.'s Aqua magnetic tomography method (MTM).

ION’s towed marine streamer technology is designed for high latitude operations and is used in a dual-vessel and icebreaker system. The polarclass icebreaker clears a path for the seismic vessel, while the towing system prevents the remaining ice from damaging the cables in tow, keeping them in the water even under wind gusts of over 100 knots.

The technology is able to withstand extreme temperatures and pole magnetics, which not only reduces damage to the equipment and to the quality of the data acquired but also extends the traditional season for data acquisition in the Arctic and allows for such acquisition to take place further north.

Transkor’s Aqua MTM technology is designed to assess offshore ferromagnetic pipelines and determine the probability of stress-deformed state anomalies. It can inspect the entire length of pipelines and detect pipe sags, strains and twists, boasting a rate of anomaly detection of over 80 per cent. The inspection determines and reports the deviation of a pipe material stress-deformed state and estimates the period of accident free operation.

The process does not affect the integrity of the pipeline, and no prior preparation of the pipeline is required before inspection. The technology was developed at the Transkor-K R&D Centre in Russia in a joint venture with Malaysian state-owned oil and gas company Petronas.

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