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Upstream News

Global coverage of exploration and production, field development, shale, fracking and other upstream sector developments

Shale pipeline
13th March 2012

The natural gas industry is technologically capable of tapping vast shale gas resources in the US, but it is unclear if all companies can successfully manage the complex array of environmental and social...
13th March 2012

Huge quantities of high-quality crude have been discovered by Brazilian energy giant Petrobras off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Between 50-80bn barrels of crude, roughly five times Brazil’s current...
13th March 2012

MicroScope*, a new high-resolution resistivity and imaging-while-drilling service, was announced this month by leading oil and gas technology supplier, Schlumberger. The product is designed to provide high-...
Gas tanks
13th March 2012

Chevron in 2011 discovered huge gas fields containing an estimated 40 trillion cubic feet of natural gas off the remote northwest coast of Western Australia.This is enough energy to power a city of 1...
Offshore drilling
13th March 2012

The second well could be drilled after a Transfer of Rights Agreement was executed with the Brazilian National Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP). The first well drilled in the Transfer of Rights...


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