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The VisiTrak service helps facilitate optimal well placement, increasing hydrocarbon recovery.
29th September 2015

Baker Hughes has released of its VisiTrak geospatial navigation and analysis LWD service. This LWD service combines advanced pre-well modeling, deep-reading LWD sensors, proprietary visualization software...
BandaSeis 2D BroadSeis multi-client program
25th September 2015

They offer important new insights in this prospective frontier area.The regional program, totaling more than 14,000 km of broadband seismic data, was acquired in co-operation with the Indonesian Directorate...
DeepShield deepwater safety valve
25th September 2015

Baker Hughes has released of its DeepShield deepwater safety valve, the industry’s first V1-validated subsurface safety valve tested to help ensure fail-safe operations as defined in the new API Spec 14A....
World’s most advanced drilling and engineering simulator
25th September 2015

“Saving cost, improving safety, and increasing efficiency and performance of drilling operations have always been our targets, and these factors are only going to grow in importance.  Drilling the well...
Fort Hills oil sands mining project
24th September 2015

The total aggregate consideration at the time of the announcement is C$ 310 million (around US$ 230 million). The transaction is subject to regulatory approval.  “As a result of a full comparative...
24th September 2015

Designed for use as a control cabin, the highly complex A60 engineered cabin will be installed on an oil rig in a hazardous location.  Up to six operators at a time can be seated in front of the...
Trelleborg’s insulation cover
24th September 2015

The insulation cover achieves the highest temperatures yet accomplished and in addition, is significantly lighter than steel covers; not molded directly to the pipe the cover gives easy access to critical...
7” Retrievable Bridge Plug
24th September 2015

Testing of the new product was completed at Peak’s state-of-the-art testing facilities in Perth (Australia) and, as with all of Peak’s ISO validated plugs, was independently witnessed by third-party...
Khauzak-Shady field in the Bukhara Province
24th September 2015

Most of this (about 85 per cent) comes from the Khauzak-Shady field in the Bukhara Province. Commercial gas production at the Khauzak-Shady field started in November 2007. In 2011, the West Shady site was...
Antelope-4 side track
24th September 2015

InterOil Corporation’s Triceratops-3 appraisal well in Petroleum Retention License 39 in Papua New Guinea has flowed gas at 17.1 million standard cubic feet a day and condensate at an average of 200.3...


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