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BT 4000 deepwater platform
22nd October 2015

AEG Power Solutions has announced it was chosen by Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Offshore to secure its BT-4000 deep semi-submersible platform power supply with a customized solution based on AEG PS Protect...
Bubble rising after source firing behind the Oceanic Sirius
21st October 2015

All seismic imaging begins with the release of acoustic energy into the water, continues with the propagation of this energy through the subsurface and ends with the harvesting of encoded messages from the...
The partnership will deliver next generation workflows
21st October 2015

The collaboration will allow shared customers to seamlessly access best-in-class interpretation and reservoir characterization technologies and geoscience data from both companies, using the industry’s...
21st October 2015

SPRINT is an acoustically aided inertial navigation system for subsea vehicles and makes optimal use of acoustic aiding data from acoustic USBL and LBL positioning and other sensors such as Doppler Velocity...
Fracking rig
19th October 2015

This is consistent with research over the last few decades that consistently shows that the British public prefers renewable energy sources over alternatives, and that they consider fossil fuels to be...
GeoSI stochastic inversion can provide seismic resolution close to well log resolution
19th October 2015

All three application suites, Jason 9.0, Hampson-Russell 10.0 and Insight Earth 3.0, feature technological advancements, improved workflow integration and greater ease-of-use to help oil and gas companies...
Geoff Dorn, CCG GeoSoftware
19th October 2015

The Cecil Green Enterprise Award is awarded to “recognise the importance of an individual enterprise to the economic vitality of our industry and shall be conferred from time to time on persons who, in the...
North Sea oil rig
15th October 2015

During the past two years, AGSL has completed three linked contracts, two of which required that the Asset Guardian toolset be customised to meet the customer’s specific requirements.  The initial...
AS-Schneider's swiveling VariAS-Block makes gauges easily accessible, allowing them to be read without any difficulty.
15th October 2015

The VariAS-Block is equipped with a swiveling adapter. This enables the position of the whole pressure hook-up to be flexibly varied, making the valves and pressure gauge easily accessible. The measuring...
Managing director at Zenith Energy, Martin Booth
15th October 2015

Zenith Energy, established in 2012, completed the planning, permitting, well examination and supervision of operations for the Canadian based operator, which formed part of a multi- client plug and...


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