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Cuts in spending on Norwegian Continental Shelf oil and gas projects
11th February 2016

According to Erik Lambert, GlobalData’s Upstream Fiscal Analyst, cost-cutting measures introduced by companies on Norway’s major planned projects have been made as the government has offered no...
Subsea systems
3rd February 2016

Using a building-block philosophy, Ashtead has designed a flexible core system that provides multi-channel communications and data management capabilities. This common data systems application framework...
Lamar McKay, BP Deputy Group Chief Executive
3rd February 2016

McKay will be succeeded as Upstream chief executive by Bernard Looney, currently chief operating officer, production, in the Upstream segment.In addition to assuming some duties currently borne by BP’...
3rd February 2016

GE and Statoil recognise that managing water, as a precious natural resource, represents one of the greatest challenges facing the onshore oil and gas industry. Within the industry, water management costs...
Hedging volumes and prices fall significantly from 2015 levels
31st January 2016

As oil prices continue to decline, North American exploration and production (E&Ps) companies have hedged just 15 per cent of their total production volumes for 2016, including 14 per cent of oil and 18...
M&A is set to grow
26th January 2016

A desire to capitalise on distressed situations, grow international market share and acquire new technology will drive a surge in M&A activity in the global oilfield services sector during 2016,...
The industry needs to avoid past mistakes
25th January 2016

A majority of senior oil and gas professionals believe that the industry is repeating the mistakes of previous downturns and have concerns over the loss of jobs and experience and lack of efficiency,...
Chevron Asia Vision
19th January 2016

When the deal is finalized, ENN is expected to receive up to 0.5 million metric tons per annum (MTPA) of LNG over 10 years, with deliveries starting in 2018 or the first half of 2019. "This is one...
BorWin gamma topside
19th January 2016

A consortium between Siemens and Petrofac has been contracted by TenneT to design, build and install a 900 MW Offshore HVDC converter platform BorWin gamma topside (within the project BorWin3 which...
Subsea UK chief executive Neil Gordon
19th January 2016

An Aberdeen-based consultancy will be revealing its top tips for companies to simplify working relationships with the supply chain in order to improve business performance and encourage greater efficiencies...


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