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Dr Patrick O’Brien, CEO of ITF
29th November 2015

Following significant interest from technology developers, the Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) will present proposals to its Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members for a potential collaborative joint...
Aptomar’s 24/7 environmental monitoring services
29th November 2015

As part of the frame agreement OMV will have access to the Aptomar’s 24/7 environmental monitoring services. Aptomarin, the Aptomar maritime control center, will on behalf of OMV manage the task of 24...
Claxton forms alliance with LR Senergy to offer full decommissioning service
27th November 2015

Nick Wood, VP commercial, Claxton, said: “Combining Claxton’s decommissioning expertise with LR Senergy’s wealth of well engineering and project management capabilities will provide...
Guidance on inspection planning of offshore structures will save operational costs
27th November 2015

However, the cost of inspection programmes can be significant, adding to the operational costs. DNV GL has now launched a recommended practice (DNVGL-RP-C210) providing the first international guidance on...
NTNU and eDrilling team up to provide students with great training for real-world careers
27th November 2015

Specifically, students will now be able to gain valuable skills through use of a dynamic downhole simulator and a well planning solution based on the same models NTNU already uses in their curriculum....
Oil and gas stakeholders collaborate to repel birds from offshore installations and maintain safety
27th November 2015

However, their presence is a globally recognized problem because, if left undisturbed, guano build up can reduce the safety of helidecks. To address this, Bird Control Group, CHC Helicopter and Total E&...
Egypt’s Zohr Gas Field Could Boost Other East Mediterranean Projects
27th November 2015

The company’s latest analysis indicates that Zohr will yield an internal rate of return of 25%, assuming a flat gas price of $5.88 per thousand cubic feet and recoverable reserves of 22 trillion cubic...
Wild Well enhances advanced well control engineering capabilities
27th November 2015

“Asia-Pacific Region, brings nearly 35 years of unique problem-solving experience with a focus on underbalanced and managed pressure drilling (MPD) solutions as well as an expansive repertoire...
27th November 2015

eDrilling APAC will serve primarily to handle eDrilling’s business in the region, sell its software and related services and support the Company’s local clients, business and partner network....
Seatronics, Predator ROV
27th November 2015

Manufactured and developed by Seatronics, the Predator ROV has been designed to function in all market sectors due to its compact and portable structure, ensuring easy deployment and operation.Seatronics...


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