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First gas from Cygnus southern North Sea field
22nd January 2017

Cygnus, located in licence areas P1055 & P1731, 150km off the coast of Lincolnshire, is expected to contribute five per cent of UK gas production.  The project added approximately £1.3...
BP agrees deal with Kosmos Energy
22nd January 2017

These are acreages that hold world-class deepwater gas discoveries and exploration prospectivity across both countries. The approximately 33,000km2 of acreage covered by the agreements includes the...
EAGE 2015
21st January 2017

It is the largest and most comprehensive multi-disciplinary geoscience event in the world. This year’s theme ‘Energy, technology, Sustainability – Time to open a new Chapter’ is...
Professor Brian Cox speaking at SPE 2015
21st January 2017

The keynote sessions will set the tone for the event which promises to embrace the topics that will shape the industry for the next ten years.Under the central theme of ‘Embracing New Realities:...
Offshore Upstream Development in Russia and CIS - 2017
21st January 2017

The calibre of the attendees and the sponsors, coupled with excellent networking opportunities and a high-level program have earned the event the status it deserves. The Conference is annually supported by...
Launch of OGA 2017
21st January 2017

In line with Malaysia’s aspirations to become the regional oil and gas hub by 2017, the 16th edition of the Asian Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition 2017 or OGA 2017, Southeast Asia...
Neftegaz 2017
21st January 2017

Even the recent economic issues and the tough political conditions of late have changed nothing in this industry. Great conditions for wide-ranging economic and technological engagement with international...
A live well intervention swapped the ESP pump
19th January 2017

In two days, through a live well intervention, the system enabled retrieval of the existing ESP pump and the install of a newly optimised ESP pump using only a slickline unit, lubricator and a crane,...
Baker Hughes has released its Tretolite Snap fluids separation technologies
19th January 2017

Baker Hughes has released its Tretolite Snap fluids separation technologies, designed to help oil and gas operators maintain dry oil and good water quality, while also stabilising operations and reducing...
Schlumberger AvantGuard advanced flowback services.
19th January 2017

These services protect the connection of the hydraulic fracture to the wellbore to optimise productivity in conventional and unconventional wells.The services comprise flowback design and proactive fracture...


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