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Angola LNG sells first LPG cargo from its Soyo plant

29th January 2014

Angola LNG has sold its first LPG cargo from its plant in Soyo, which serves as a facility built to gather value from Angola's offshore gas resources.

Angola LNG sells its first LPG cargo

Angola LNG has sold its first LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) cargo from its plant in Soyo, the facility built to gather value from Angola's offshore gas resources.

The first cargo was sold to Sonangol, Angola's state oil and gas company, on a Free on Board (FOB) basis, and was then shipped by the LPG carrier BW Broker.

The LPG and condensate jetty was commissioned immediately prior to the start of loading operations. Commissioning included the testing of safety devices, mooring arrangements and loading arms.

Artur Pereira, CEO of Angola LNG Marketing said, "In addition to LNG production for international markets propane, butane and condensate production at Angola LNG is an important part of our operational and commercial activity. Our LPG and condensate production will help to supply both domestic and export markets with their energy needs."

In addition to its LNG facilities, Angola LNG's liquids infrastructure at its production plant in Soyo includes storage tanks for 88,000 m3 of propane, 59,000 m3 of butane and 108,000 m3 of condensate. It also has a jetty dedicated to propane, butane and condensate loading as well as a second jetty for pressurised butane loadings, which will be beneficial to the domestic market.

Angola LNG Limited is an incorporated joint venture between Sonangol, Chevron, BP, ENI and Total that will gather and process gas to produce and deliver LNG and NGLs. The plant has an expected life of at least 30 years.

The company will be involved in gathering, processing, selling and delivering 5.2 million tons per year of LNG along with natural gas, propane, butane and condensate from its plant in Soyo, Angola.

Angola is the second-largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa.  At USD 10bn, the Angola LNG infrastructure is one of the largest single investments in the Angolan oil and gas industry.

It has a fleet of seven LNG vessels and three loading jetties (LNG, liquids and compressed butane) Angola LNG's mission is to contribute to the elimination of gas flaring in addition to providing clean  reliable energy to customers in order to maximize any return on investment.


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