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ADIPEC – A global event at the crossroads of the oil and gas industry

07th November 2014

Adipec is set to kick off this coming Monday and anyone with a stake in the oil and gas industry, not just those operating in the Middle East region, should be attending or watching events at this vital crossroads of people, technology and business

Adipec 2014 is looking to the future not dwelling on the past, and its conference theme will be 'Challenges and Opportunities for the Next 30 Years'

Ranked within the world’s top three oil and gas industry events, Adipec (Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference) has grown from a regional gathering to a global hub of chief executives, technology innovators, investors and customers.

“It is very important for ExxonMobil that there is an event which brings many people together in the Middle East,” commented Ayman Ali, ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants' oil and gas marketing advisor, to Oil & Gas Technology.

“Adipec is better than many other events because you get to meet all the regional shareholders – OEMs, builders, operators, contractors, customers – simply everyone is there.”

This year Adipec will present over 1,800 exhibiting companies and 20 international pavilions showcasing 1,000's of products. Through this the show plans to attract over 60,000 oil and gas professionals, and over 6,500 delegates and 600 speakers from 111 organisations across 37 countries.

The Middle East is one of the oldest mass producing regions of oil and gas but it shows no sign of dwindling output like other aging plays.

“The Middle East is still a rapidly growing market for oil and gas, and people are always looking for opportunities in the region,” added Ali.

This is why Adipec 2014 is looking to the future not dwelling on the past, and its conference theme will be 'Challenges and Opportunities for the Next 30 Years'.

And a lot is changing in the oil and gas industry – both in terms of technology and people. The mix of industry engineers is changing across the world as regions push for greater local contribution in oil and gas projects.

To highlight this change in demographics and prepare the next generation of oil and gas engineers for the rigours of working in the petroleum industry, Adipec will be showcasing two ground-breaking and unique projects that it has run continuously throughout the year; ‘Woman in Industry’ (WII) and ‘Young Adipec’.

WII is a series of luncheons and panel discussions taking place throughout the year at the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers and on site during at Adipec. WII strives to bring together the industry’s leading females, providing an environment for topical discussion and debate.

Young Adipec was established to address the lack of emergent skill required for the next generation of oil and gas industry employees.

“Over the years Adipec has become our event of choice due to its scale, continuity and the value it adds,” continues Ali.


“I don’t see Adipec as a regional event, but as an international event – and it is certainly our event of choice in the Middle East.”

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