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Upstream News

13th March 2012

Global coverage of exploration and production, field development, shale, fracking and other upstream sector developments

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Rex W. Tillerson
World Energy Giants Highlight Event’s Continuing International Appeal - 8th December 2016
Cost management is a top priority for the industry
Pressure is mounting on the global oil and gas industry to reduce environmental footprint at the same time as the industry is under significant cost pressure. - 20th November 2016
According to PwC the oil market is improving
As oil prices appear to be stabilising and supply and demand move towards equilibrium, there’s growing confidence in the sector that the worse is perhaps over - 20th November 2016
20th November 2016

UK will account for majority of crude and natural gas projects in North Sea, with 22 operations expected to commence operations in the region by 2025
20th November 2016

Dynamic reserves modelling tool with global coverage enables exploration teams to do more with less.
17th November 2016

GE and Maersk Drilling have announced a partnership to collaborate on a data analytic-driven pilot project with the aim to increase Maersk’s drilling vessels’ productivity and significantly reduce maintenance costs by up to 20 per cent.