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Global coverage of exploration and production, field development, shale, fracking and other upstream sector developments

Latest Upstream News:

Shell has called a halt to its Alaska exploration
Shell has provided an update on the Burger J exploration well, located in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea. - 29th September 2015
BG to explore Newfoundland
BG Group has acquired three non-operated positions offshore Newfoundland from Repsol. - 29th September 2015
A CFD simulation of slug flow through the JIP rig with an upstream U bend
International energy consultancy Xodus Group and Dutch innovation company TNO have completed the first phase of a pioneering joint industry project (JIP) into the dynamic forces which affect the integrity of piping systems, in particular through multiphase flow. - 29th September 2015
29th September 2015

Spectre plug provides fullbore access with no post-frac intervention or plug debris risks
29th September 2015

Cost-effective, reliable, fit-for-purpose system provides real-time data with remote monitoring
29th September 2015

DeclineShift solution lowers cost per barrel, extends economic life