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Pipeline News

Global coverage of the latest pipeline technologies, as well as engineering and construction developments at offshore and onshore projects

Latest Pipelines News:

Gazprom increases funding for 2015 Power of Siberia and South Stream projects
Gazprom plans to raise its total investments next year to around USD 25bn (RUB 1.026tn) as it tries to tackle its major gas transmission projects to both Europe and China. This comes as economic sanctions... - 22nd October 2014
TAP tenders onshore pipeline construction contracts
This is an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract, which may be split into further contracts, depending on the offering bids. “The contract for the construction of the onshore section of... - 15th October 2014
Penspen to prove viability of TAPI pipeline
“We are proud to be involved in this major project, which will enable Turkmenistan to monetise a part of its vast natural gas reserves, by opening a southerly route to the energy-hungry markets of South... - 15th October 2014
The Technical Agreement defines basic parameters of design, construction and operation of the Power of Siberia gas trunkline's cross-border section - 14th October 2014
China and Russia have strengthened their energy ties by reaffirming their plans for delivering natural gas via Russia’s Far East and by setting up a new contract to transmit gas from the more westerly Altai region - 13th October 2014
ATCO Mexico has been awarded a contract by the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) to design, build, operate and maintain a natural gas pipeline near the town of Tula in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico - 10th October 2014