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Pipeline News

Daily pipeline news for the BRIC oil and gas industry. Global coverage of latest pipeline technologies, engineering and construction for offshore and onshore developments

Latest Pipelines News:

Subsea joint venture to boost Caribbean Sea pipeline capability
UK-based FoundOcean and US-based Delta SubSea have signed a strategic agreement today to provide subsea grouting and scour remediation services in Trinidad, Tobago, and Venezuelan waters. The two companies... - 24th April 2014
First pipe of South Stream Transport project has been constructed
The Russian pipe supplier OMK presented the first pipe produced for the South Stream Offshore Pipeline today at its plant in Vyksa. The unique pipe joints for the first line of the South Stream Offshore... - 16th April 2014
Russia and China drawing closer to historic natural gas agreement
CNPC executives have met with two major Russian oil and gas firms this week to discuss increased cooperation and trade between the two countries, especially in regard to natural gas agreements. CNPC... - 10th April 2014
South Stream Transport has contracted Siemens AG to provide electrical and instrumentation systems for the South Stream Offshore Pipeline. - 8th April 2014
US research and development company, Nysearch, has developed small robots capable of inspecting inside gas pipelines - 3rd April 2014
Russian media has reported ministers as confirming plans to build a gas pipeline to Crimea, with the intention of supplying three new power stations. - 3rd April 2014