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Wood Group companies launch enhanced corrosion modelling software

04th June 2015

Wood Group Intetech (WGI), a leading asset integrity specialist serving the global energy industry, has joined forces with Wood Group Kenny (WGK) flow assurance experts, to develop a new, integrated software package for advanced corrosion modelling of pipelines – “Maestro”, powered by ECE.

ounder and Managing Director of Wood Group Intetech, Dr Liane Smith
ounder and Managing Director of Wood Group Intetech, Dr Liane Smith

WGI’s ECE is an established tool for the quantitative estimation of corrosion rates and materials selection. However, when integrated with Maestro, a post-processing tool for hydrodynamic modelling software packages, ECE has the ability to generate corrosion profiles based on detailed hydrodynamic analysis data.

Maestro will enable users of hydrodynamic modelling software to extract higher quality, actionable insights from the data generated. This information will allow users to make faster, better-informed decisions related to the integrity of pipelines, by highlighting areas of operational risk. Integrated with hydrate and wax formation evaluations, Maestro makes advanced engineering calculations that have a significant impact on pipeline economics.

Founder and Managing Director of Wood Group Intetech, Dr Liane Smith, said: “Maestro – powered by ECE – is the result of combining two established products to create a powerful new solution for corrosion profiling of pipelines. Our collaboration with Wood Group Kenny is a significant step forward for ECE and we’re excited about the potential of this new product.” 

Michael Mai, Global Managing Director – Process Simulation at Wood Group Kenny, added: “This new development builds on currently available corrosion assessment tools to provide enhanced corrosion profiling and underlines our focus on supporting advanced engineering decision-making. Incorporating the ECE corrosion calculation capability in Maestro is core to that philosophy and our commitment to tackling all aspects of flow assurance.”











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