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Russia world’s top pipeline constructor

A new report estimates that Russia will build more pipelines over the next four years than any other country in the world

Russia world’s top pipeline constructor

Russia will lead global pipeline construction in 2012-2016, GlobalData’s latest report said on Monday. The move will allow the BRIC country to diversify gas exports and ease dependence on its standard transit countries.

Over the next four years, Russia will establish 14,053 km of pipeline, equal to 15 per cent of the world’s estimated pipeline construction plans during the same period or 63 per cent of the European total.

Pipeline additions are in line with Moscow’s plans to find new markets for its gas exports. In addition, it will allow the country to avoid its usual transit countries such as Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia, the report said.

Asia-Pacific, however, is set to lead pipeline additions by region, according to the report, due to large scale projects involving India, China and Myanmar.

India will account for 10,965 km of additions by 2016, roughly a quarter of the continent’s pipeline construction. The country has struggled of late to make its domestic production meet an ever increasing local demand. In order to overcame shortages, it has looked to foreign suppliers and to the development of its pipeline system.

Other top regional projects include the Myanmar-China oil pipeline and the Myanmar-China gas pipeline, both currently under construction following China’s plans to improve its oil and gas import routes.

The Myanmar-China gas pipeline has a transportation capacity of 423.60 billion cubic feet, while the Myanmar-China is capable of carrying 158.4 million barrels.

The Asia Pacific region will build a total of 39,597 km of pipeline additions in 2012-2016.

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