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Petrobras awards Tenaris pre-salt pipeline contract

27th June 2014

Tenaris has been awarded the supply contract for 373 kilometres of welded pipes

Petrobras awards Tenaris pre-salt pipeline contract
The pipes will be produced in the most advanced Tenaris production line in Brazil, the result of an investment of USD 180m

The scope of the project foresees 22-inch pipes for the onshore section between Maricá and Itaboraí, 24-inch pipes in the shallow offshore stretch, and 20-inch pipes in the stretch located in water depths varying from 1.5 to 2.3 thousand metres (4.9 to 7.5 thousand feet).

"The Rota 3 project represents an important step in the development of the oil and gas sector in Brazil, especially with regards to pre-salt challenges,” said Renato Catallini, Tenaris's president in Brazil. “Tenaris has been preparing to be part of this project for a long time. We constantly invest in the innovation of our processes and in the diversification of our products, searching for excellence and for the technological leadership that our customers, such as Petrobras, demand to meet these challenges. We also count on Usiminas as our strategic partner in Brazil, which will supply part of the X65 sour service steel, developed in partnership with Petrobras, reinforcing our commitment to local content and demonstrating the solidity and strength of our industrial value chain for the country’s offshore energy sector". 

The 2014-2018 Petrobras Business Plan foresees the allocation of USD 10bn in the oil and gas sector, including projects related to pipelines for gas transportation from the Pre-Salt area, such as Rota 3.

The pipes will be produced in the most advanced Tenaris production line in Brazil, the result of an investment of USD 180m. The new U-O forming presses produce pipes of greater thicknesses and higher steel grades, capable of withstanding the hostile environments in the exploration of ultra-deep waters, which include high pressures and the transportation of hydro carbonates in sour environments and high levels of corrosion.

Expected to be in operation by 2016/17, Rota 3 will link the areas of Franco (SP) and Maricá (RJ), assuring the increase of oil production from the pre-salt layer, and guaranteeing the transportation of natural gas extracted from the pre-salt to Comperj (RJ  Petrochemical Complex) in Itaboraí – a project in which Confab Equipamentos and Tenaris in Brazil participated with the supply of furnaces, towers and pipes. The gas pipeline will have the capacity to transport 21 million cubic metres of gas per day (m3/d).

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