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LCS Pipelines – a specialist for pipelines in steep terrain.

09th July 2015

LCS Pipelines is a new contractor that is focused to the construction of pipelines in very critical sections such as steep mountain ranges and swampy areas.

LCS Pipelines was founded this year, as sister company of LCS Cable Cranes, which has been active in the oil and gas pipeline sector since almost 20 years. Additionally to LCS Cable Cranes, which mainly offers transport solutions for steep and inaccessible terrain, LCS Pipelines takes over the complete construction process for critical sections providing full EC Contract Services in mentioned sections. “We apply special technologies, such as our own cable crane systems and special spider excavators”, explains Christoph Ludescher, CEO of LCS. Due to this, LCS is able to construct pipelines even if the slope seems completely inaccessible. The clients of LCS Pipelines are project owners but particularly contractors who want LCS to take care about a specific part of the pipeline. “We do not take over complete projects, we are just focused on the complex sections”, underlines Ludescher.

Even though being new on the market, LCS Pipelines disposes of an extended experience thanks to its sister company LCS Cable Cranes. LCS Cable Cranes has been operating in many international projects all over the world supplying cable crane systems and civil work services for steep pipeline sections. Cable Crane systems are versatile, reliable and flexible solutions that can be applied on almost each slope. In fact LCS Cable Cranes does not only provide its systems for the oil & gas industry but builds heavy-duty material ropeways that are used for example at mountain construction sites and hydro-power projects. Thanks to its capability to work with a narrow ROW and to achieve very direct routes and expressively its very high safety standard (no heavy machinery needs to be used in steep and dangerous slopes) it can be considered as one of the most efficient ways of pipeline construction in critical areas.  



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