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Gazprom gas exports to Europe reach 138 bcm

06th June 2013

Gazprom making strong contribution to meeting growing demand for gas in Europe which could reach 200 bcm by 2030

Gazprom gas exports to Europe reach 138 bcm
By 2025 the gap between Europe’s domestic production and consumption of gas is expected to amount to 145 bcm, while it is said it will surpass 200 bcm by 2030

In 2012 the total volume of Gazprom's natural gas supplies to Europe amounted to 138.8 billion cubic meters (bcm), it emerged on Tuesday, during a press conference organised within a series of meetings among Gazprom’s top executives, as Russia seeks to play an even bigger role as Europe’s main supplier of the blue fuel.


The announcement was made during a press conference at Gazprom’s headquarters titled “Gas Export and Enhancing Reliability of Gas Supply to Europe” organised within a series of meetings among Gazprom's top executives.


During the press meeting, it was noted that more than 8 per cent of gas exports to Europe were delivered via the Nord Stream gas pipeline. Today the major purchasers of the Russian blue fuel are Germany, Turkey and Italy. 64.4 bcm of natural gas was supplied to the CIS and the Baltic states in 2012. The proceeds from gas supplies to Europe amounted in 2012 to USD 55.9bn, to the CIS and the Baltic states – USD 19.86bn.


It is anticipated that in 2013 Gazprom might supply Europe with 152 bcm of natural gas, and the CIS and the Baltic states – with 74.8 bcm.


By 2025 the gap between domestic production and consumption in Europe will amount to 145 bcm, Gazprom said in a written statement, and by 2030 it will surpass 200 bcm.


“In this respect, Gazprom is obviously set to play an even bigger role as the lead supplier of natural gas to Europe and the holder of immense resources with proven records of reliable gas supplies for over 40 years,” the gas giant said.


Gazprom is attempting to diversity its natural gas export routes by implementing the South Stream project. The commissioning of the gas pipeline as well as the startup of commercial gas supplies are slated for late 2015.


With a view to boost direct supplies of Russian gas to European consumers, the possibility of constructing the Yamal – Europe-2 gas pipeline and extending the Nord Stream project is being worked on, the company said.



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